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    Dear Author(s), 

    Journal of Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics (JEBE) is a peer-reviewed journal, which follows a strict  double blind review process to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance, and readability of the submitted manuscripts. JEBE welcomes research articles from scientists, academics and research scholars involved in all areas of entrepreneurship, business and economics from all over the world to publish high quality research papers. 

    When any submission is received it will be subject to an initial assessment to ensure it is ready for peer review.  After peer review is completed (approximately in 4 to 8 weeks), an editorial decision will be made on its suitability for publication on the basis of (at least) two peer review reports. 

    Topics covered include: 

    - Entrepreneurship: policy making on entrepreneurship; ethnic entrepreneurship; Self-employment among immigrants; Entrepreneurship education; Academic Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship among minority groups; Indigenous entrepreneurs; Women entrepreneurs; Social Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship in developing countries; Entrepreneurship and ethics; Corporate intrapreneurship; Intrapreneurship. 

    - Business: Business/organizational communication, IT in business, MIS, e-commerce Business; education/teaching, ethics, values, (corporate) social responsibility; Business to business; Business ethics; Business law, legal environment of business/development; Business process re-engineering management. 

    - Economics: free trade; emerging economies; trade agreements; informal sector; macro economics; micro economics; international trade; FDI, international trade; exporting; importing; finance; financial institutions; capital. 

    - Interdisciplinary studies: interdisciplinary studies in the above mentioned areas. 

    Please send your submissions to info@scientificia.com Read more about Call for papers